Don’t be the coordinator on your wedding day. Be the bride.

Hitch Without A Glitch specializes in wedding day coordination in Arizona. Our services are focused on assisting the couple who have planned their own wedding and need a set of hands on the big day to create a flawless event. You’ve invested time and care in the design, flow and details of your wedding; you should enjoy the day and let someone else handle the execution.

Don’t be the coordinator on your wedding day. Be the bride.


Frequently Asked Questions


How does a day-of coordinator differ from a wedding planner?

Unlike a wedding planner who is hired at the start of your wedding journey, a day-of coordinator (DOC) enters four to six weeks preceding your big day to implement your plans. The term “day-of” is a bit deceiving since services are provided long before your wedding day, but it’s lingo used in the industry to distinguish planning vs coordination services. A DOC is a perfect fit for the DIY couple who have planned their wedding but want to be free from the stresses that day-of details bring. A DOC will carry out the logistics of the plans thus creating a worry free and enjoyable day for the couple and their families. 


Do I need a DOC if my venue includes an on-site coordinator?

An astounding YES! A site coordinator works for the venue and not directly for you. Too many times their attention is pulled away to attend to staffing issues, building maintenance concerns or other client needs. I know this with 100% certainty because I was a banquet manager at a successful event venue in Arizona for over 10 years and experienced these scenarios time and time again. A DOC is employed by you and their full attention and presence will be given to your wedding.


Do I need a DOC if my bridesmaids and family offered to help?

The quick reply to that question is to remind you that your bridal party and family are invited guests and not staff. They should be able to enjoy the day, along with the rest of the attendees, free from tasks. The longer answer is much deeper. Do they have the personality for it; organized, remain calm under pressure, displays leadership in emergency situations? Can they quickly devise a Plan B if the cake doesn’t get delivered or the officiant no shows? Are they reliable; are they the type that makes the offer of assistance but can’t be found when needed? One of the most important roles a DOC provides is to shield the bride and groom from unneeded stress. Hiring a DOC is assurance that you, and all your loved ones, will be able to enjoy the day to the fullest.


How do you differ from other wedding coordination services in Arizona?

My business structure is MMI—me, myself and I. All contact is directly with me. There is no intern to return your email or an assistant to be handed off to on your wedding day. I don’t have “a team” because I want to be in the know of all the happenings. Often important information gets lost by having too many people involved in the communication. This won’t be the case if you hire Hitch Without A Glitch. I truly love what I do and want to be involved in every detail of your wedding. And rest assured, in the case of the proverbial “hit by a bus” scenario I have a long call list of Arizona professionals that will fill in for me. But it would truly take me being immobile to miss your lovely day.